Kids say the Darnedest Things

06.09.22 05:45 PM Comment(s) By Lisa

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Juggling motherhood in medicine is sometimes hilarious. Maggie told her kindergarten class her daddy is a scientist, and her mommy chops off legs for a living. (For the record, I was in vascular surgery). 

I still crack up when she says things like “I hurt my fibula when I fell.” and “I coughed up stuff from my esophagus.”. The vocabulary of kids with parents in medicine can be a bit different from their peers. 

For example:

“Mommy, I wanna fix bones when I grow up”. ~Magg's age 5 after she fractured her collarbone.

“Can you fix Lambie? He has a hernia!” ~Magg's age 6 with her stuffed animal “Lambie”. 

“I’m sick, why can’t you fix me?” ~Magg's STILL asks this question.

"I'm going to be a "vegemetarian", but I still want to eat bacon and chicken nuggets". ~Magg's age 7.

"Mom, I think I'm constipated. The only thing that helps is candy". ~Magg's age 9.

“Will I really get diabetes if I eat that candy?” I wanted to say yes for a split moment then I thought to myself, “I don’t want to put false medical advice in her head”. But at the same time, I still tell her when she rolls her eyes at me, they might get stuck up there if she does it one too many times.

....And literally 1 week ago she told me she thinks she has Tourette’s. I told her “If you had Tourette’s I would know it”. She said “I’ve been hiding it and it happens when I put my head back. I’m sure I have ‘them’”.  Ha! Gotta love the innocence.

She is now 14, and even though she still knows how to pronounce ‘Chicago’, it will always be ‘Wiscago’ to us.

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As she is approaching high school this fall, she now has different career aspirations. She no longer wants to "fix bones". At the moment she wants to be a child psychologist so she can help children that have depression and anxiety “feel better”. My Magg's has a heart of gold. I think any kid would be lucky to have her in their corner.

So my advice to her and any other child reaching for their dreams and goals:

“Whatever you are, be a good one”. - Abraham Lincoln.

Xoxo -Lisa.
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