My Feelings About Having a Working Mom

09.12.20 02:34 PM Comment(s) By Lisa

When I asked my Magg’s to write about what it is like to have a working mom, I instructed her to be completely honest. Beautifully written my baby girl. You make me so proud every single day……




My Feelings About Having a Working Mom- by Maggie Marie Drozdowski, age 12.



My mom just started working from home a few years ago, and I love it. But at the same time, I don't love it.. ..


I've always wanted my mom to work from home, or not work at all. It seemed all my friends' moms were always there for them at school, on field trips, as homeroom moms, and for when the school needed extra help with lunches or fundraisers. I had to stay after school every day at extended care, and hated it. I did not look forward to it at all and I sat by the door waiting to get picked up. I hated getting notes from the office saying I am staying after school, when my mom promised she would pick me up early, or in the car line. Some days I had to get picked up by my friends' moms last minute because my mom could not pick me up because she was stuck at work. I had to get to school earlier some days just so my mom could get to work in the operating room early.  But when she was not at work, I liked when we could go on vacations with no computers or last-minute meetings. I also hated summer camp. I have a few friends from over the years, but that was it. I hated wasting my summer in a place I had no interest in. I wanted to go to the beach, or tropical islands like all my other friends were going to those summers. But I was stuck at camp mostly bored all day, waiting to be picked up because I missed my mom….. here’s my grumpy face…



When my mom got a job to start working from home, I was so happy! I got to stay home when I was sick, have friends over to my house instead of their house, and stay home all summer with my mom instead of going to camp. I got to go to the beach a lot on summer vacation and be there with my family. My mom picked me up in the car line every day, and never broke her promise. I loved it. She came to school fundraisers and field trips. I felt like everyone else!



The only thing was, I now barely get to talk to her and go places with her without her computer. She always is stressed out and it makes me upset. I try to help but it makes her feel worse. I have anxiety and it sucks. I do not know of anyone else my age who has it, but I know I’m not alone. Every time I go to the beach, we just stay at the house most of the time, and don't go to the actual “beach”. Even if we were to go, it would be with her computer. I do not remember going on a vacation without her computer or laptop.... look, even cooking and working…..



This year I am home-schooling because of the Covid virus. I am happy I get to stay home with my mom, and we get to be at work together.


I like to be home-schooled and have always wanted to be home-schooled since kindergarten. Now I feel like my mom. I can’t leave my desk and can't go anywhere without my laptop or any of my books. I can’t get up and do anything for my mom anymore because I can't leave my desk, and I'm trapped in my room all day. I like being home, and not getting up as early, and rushing as much to get to school in person, but home schooling is still pretty stressful. I know a lot of other kids are homeschooling right now and it's pretty hard. But at least I’m not alone! I love to be at home with my pets all day too! My Pomeranian Zoe, my guinea pig, my ferret, my two gerbils, and my fish all miss me at school:) …At least I hope? 


   Maggie Drozdowski



A note from your mom: Everything I do is for you. You’re my heart, my soul, and my everything. I will travel with my computer less! :) ….I love you to infinity and beyond!!

 Love, Mom. Xoxo

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