Cherishing Time....

08.09.20 01:09 PM Comment(s) By Lisa

Time is a weird thing.... sometimes we want it to speed up, and sometimes we want it to slow down. When we are young, busy, and stressed, we want time to move forward to easier moments in the future.... when we are older and the days seem to be flying by, we want time to slow down. Fables speak of a fountain of youth, and scientists spend billions of dollars searching to find ways to lengthen our time on this earth. Every night when we go to sleep, we fast forward to the next moments in time....

As working moms, we always wish we had more time in the day so we can balance our jobs and spend more quality time with our kids. Often it’s not that easy, especially when they have homework to finish, or after-school events. Then it’s onto dinner, shower, and sleep. It seems like an endless cycle. Days quickly turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years.... then the next thing you know..... your baby is graduating college and moving out.

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Cherish every moment....the future is never guaranteed....and when you get frustrated because they are into trouble, here’s my Dad's advice that I think of often.... “In 10 years.... will this moment really matter?” It’s so true. We often get riled up and sweat the small stuff.  Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath and remember the things that truly matter: kindness, love, and understanding. We were once in their shoes.....

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For my 12-year old daughter Maggie,  she wants things to speed up. She wants to be grown, to make her own life decisions. If I had a nickle for every time she has said to me, "I wish I were a grown-up", I'd be a billionaire. For me, I’d like time to slow down so she could be my baby just a little longer, protected, care-free, and without the stress of adult responsibilities. So, if there is one thing I'm sure of, it is that we may not have infinite time, but we do have infinite love.           XOXO- Lisa

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